SMS Reminder 

Send SMS/Email reminders from Microsoft Excel®


Here are some frequently asked questions about SmsReminder:

+  Find your SMS Communication Port - Outgoing

  • Cable connection to mobile phone: Try to look in Windows menu "Start=>Control Panel=>Phone And Modems Options" for your mobile Modem outgoing port number. Picture
  • Bluetooth Connection to Mobile phone: Try to look under Windows menu "Start=>Control Panel=>Bluetooth  Devices" if you can find your outgoing Communication port.
    Remember that you must answer an “Allow Connection?” question on your phone the first time it is connecting.

+  Error when sending SMS

  • SMS messages is sent via the modem in the Phone . If an error occurs the modem commands is written into the logfile. If any modem command is answered with OK you have a connection to the modem. Sometimes you have both an outgoing and ingoing Communication Port number, often the next Com Port number, try using the outgoing port.
  • SmsReminder uses the SMSC (SMS Central number) that is specified in your phone . This is the same as when sending normal SMS messages from your phone.
  • If you send SMS via Bluetooth remember to answer "Yes" when your phone tries to open the connection and asks if you allow the connection.
  • The application is sending SMS in standard PDU (Protocol Description Unit) format supported by most mobile phones. To low level test your phone capabilities we reccomend using the software PduSpy. Testing sending SMS with PduSpy

+  Trouble shooting Questions:

  1. Can you manually send SMS from your phone so it is setup with correct SMS Central number?
  2. Have you tried to send a SMS via the “Test to send a SMS” button under SMS Settings. Did it work?
  3. Check if changing SMS sending carrier to “GSM” under your mobile phone SMS settings will solve it.
  4. What connection are you using to your phone, Cable or Bluetooth ?
    If you are using Bluetooth remember that you must answer an “Allow Connection?” question on your phone the first time it is connecting.
  5. If it was several days since you installed SmsReminder. Try to uninstall the program and download/install the latest version from the web.
  6. Running the general SMS Test tool PduSpy could be an option for you to get more info about what is wrong.