SMS Reminder 

Send SMS/Email reminders from Microsoft Excel®

Sms Reminder

Send SMS/Email Reminders from Microsoft Excel®

Today it becomes more and more popular to provide the Service to remind Customers of their booked appointments with SMS /Email. You could receive reminders about your dentist visit, car service appointment, Hair dresser meeting or when you should go boat guard at your local harbor.

SmsReminder is a tool to send Reminders directly from your Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheet via SMS/Email.

Companies and Organizations that have information in Excel spreadsheets can use this tool to send reminders of upcoming Meetings and Events.

SmsReminder can monitor one or several Excel files and send reminders via your mobile phone or Internet Email. All you need is an Excel file with Rows and Columns containing your Customer Phone Number, Email Address and calculated Due Date.


Technical requirements

·        The Application requires that you running Windows and that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed. The installation program will try to download it from internet if it is not installed.

·        To send reminders via Email you will need a network connection to internet.

·        When sending reminders via SMS (Short Message Service) you will need to have a Mobile phone/ GSM modem that supports being a Serial Modem connected to the Computer via cable/IR or Bluetooth. If messages are sent via Bluetooth you must first setup the Bluetooth connection between your computer and your Mobile Phone by pairing your devices, see your device manual. SMS messages are sent in PDU (Protocol Description Unit) format and GSM-7 default character map.


Starting the application

1.      Run the Installation program. 

2.      Start the application from the Windows menu:  Start => Program => MagicIT => SmsReminder



















Reminders Tab

1.      Here could today’s reminders be viewed and optionally sent by pressing the <Check Todays Reminders Now> button.

2.      Logging is done in a separated log file that is persistent between program sessions. Press button <Read Log> to open the log file. The log file is written in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

Scheduler Settings

1.      If you would like to the application to schedule when to send reminders, set the Time in 24 hour format. At this time all Excel files in the list will be scanned for a date match in the specified Excel Date Column. When a match is found a SMS is sent to the telephone number specified in the Excel Mobile number Column. Also an Email is sent when an address is specified in the Excel Email Column.

2.      The application could be checked to start in minimized mode showing only an icon in the System Tray. This could specially be useful if the program is auto started with Windows.

3.      Logging is done in the application window and in a separated log file that is persistent between sessions. Press button <Read> to open the log file.

SMS Settings

1.      Check if you would like to send reminders via SMS.


3.      Specify the Communication port where a Mobile phone/GSM modem is connected to the PC to send the SMS. This can be discovered under Windows Start=>”Control Panel”=> “Phone and Modem Options” or in your Bluetooth settings.

4.      Specify if a long message (over 140 characters) should be truncated in one SMS message or sent as many SMS messages.

5.      Specify number of retries to make if sending of a SMS message fails.


Email Settings

1.      Check if you would like to send reminders via Email.


3.      Specify address to the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server that should send your Email. This is usually given by your local internet provider. Specify SMTP port if other than default.

4.      If you need to logon to your SMTP server to send mails than provide your username and password.

Excel Sheet

The application has a list of Excel spreadsheets to work with. These files are monitored during a specified time for sending reminders.

1.      Setup a new Excel spreadsheet by pressing the <Add> button in the list. To edit a row in the list press the <Enter> button on a selected row. Delete a row in the list by pressing the <Del> button on a selected row.


Setup Excel Sheet


1.      Specify which Excel file to monitor. Use the <…> button to browse for the Excel file.

2.      Specify the name of the Sheet to use in the Excel file. Column names in first row of the Sheet is loaded as Column Headers in drop down lists.

3.      Select Excel column containing the Date to match for reminders.

4.      Select Excel Mobile Number column to send SMS reminders to. If blank no SMS reminders is sent.

5.      Select Excel Email address column to send Email reminders to. If blank no Email reminders is sent.

6.      Select Excel Name column to use as a descriptive name in the logging file.

7.      Specify Number of days before Excel Date to send reminder.

8.      Write a message for the reminder. Excel Column values can be inserted into text by selecting a Column in the Drop down list to the right.

9.      If sending reminders via Email add Email address, display name and Subject to the message.

10.   If you would like to Test the SMS Communication put in a Mobile number and press the <Send SMS> button to send a SMS.

11.   Press OK to save configuration.


Click the Help button in the bottom of the application window to read this Help file.

Evaluation / Register

An unregister application will run during a 30 days Evaluation period.

Register your Serial No with the link in the bottom of the application window to run for an unlimited time period.


The application supports both English and Swedish language.

Check for updates

Click the Link in the bottom of the application window to check online for updates of the program.

Run in Batch Mode

If you would like to send all reminders for the day and then quit the application you can click on the link “SmsReminder Batch”. This could also be done manually by starting the application with command argument /BATCH. The sending of reminders could then be controlled by another scheduler mechanism.

EXAMPLE: SmsReminder.exe /BATCH.